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Music Ministry

There are opportunities to serve in men and women's Choirs,  children's choir & bell groups.  All led by a passionate & talented music director.

Church Bells (grades 7 - 9) meet at 4:30 on Sundays.

Jubilee Ringers (grades 10 - 12) meet at 5:00 on Sundays.

Cherub Choir (age 3) meets at 5:45 on Sundays.

Growing in Grace (prek4 - grade 6) meets at 5:30 on Sundays.



Bible Studies

Here at First United Methodist Church of Stuttgart, we are eager to grow in our faith together. To do so, we gather for bible studies, and we would like for you to join us.

Girls Bible Study is on Tuesday evenings at 7:00.

Small Group Study is on Wednesday evenings at 5:30.

Pastor's Bible Study is on Wednesday's at noon in the parlor.


Teen Ministry

Jr. High (grades 7 - 9) meet  Sunday nights at 6:15 @ the Christian Life Center during the school year.

Sr. High (grades 10 - 12) meet Sunday nights at 7:15 @ the Christian Life Center during the school year.

Summer Schedules are filled with local Mission Projects, out of state Mission Trips, Bible Study Programs, Youth Week Fun Days, Lake Weekends, Baseball Outings



Helping Those Less Fortunate

The church takes many offerings for groups throughout the year. Volunteering locally in support of the ICCM Food Bank, Dana's House, local battered women's shelter, and grouping with other organizations to help support those in need.

Intercessory Prayer

There is power in the Holy Spirit and there is power in prayer. Our prayer warriors pray with and/or for those who are needing prayer for whatever reason. If you have a prayer need, a weekly prayer group is here to pray with for you. Click here to submit a prayer request.


International Missions

There are many international causes the church supports as well.  We are continuing the support of a community in Haiti with volunteers, medical supplies, and more.  We work with the Gideons to deliver Bibles around the world.  We support water wells in Africa, and more.